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HP ProCurve VRRP with different Physical and Virtual IP address

In case you are having HP ProCurve Core Switches, and need to configure redundancy on it, you need to configure VRRP to achieve it. I will assume you have the knowledge of HSRP for this post.
Somehow, HP ProCurve switches does not support a separate Virtual IP address than the Physical IP address for VRRP. Although, many other vendors do support it (Virtual IP being different than the Physical IP addresses (in the same network)). HP ProCurve requires that the Virtual IP address to be the same as the Master's Physical IP address. I am not sure why they want us to enforce the Virtual IP address being the same as Master's Physical IP address, since this creates issues, especially in Monitoring software. For e.g., you want to monitor both Cores by their IP address. Since they are running VRRP, and if master fails, the Master's IP address will still show as "UP", since the virtual IP (which is same as Master's Physical IP address) has shifted to the Backup/Secondar…

Natting in HP ProCurve switches

In case you are thinking to configure NAT in HP ProCurve switches, forget about it. NAT is NOT supported in ProCurve switches.

H3C OSPF passive interface

The "passive-interface" in Cisco for OSPF is renamed as "silent-interface" in H3C. The syntax and purpose is exactly the same. (Example is shown below).

# Stops the interface from sending OSPF packets.
<hostname> system-view [hostname] ospf 1 [hostname-ospf-1] silent-interface Gigabitethernet 0/1

Assign IP address to interface of ProCurve switch

If you want to give IP address to an interface of ProCurve switch, its simply not possible. What you can do is to create a vlan, assign an IP address to that vlan, and then assign the interface as untagged member (access port) for that new vlan.

Source IP for Telnet and AAA with ProCurve switches

There is an option for Source IP for Telent and AAA in HP ProCurve devices. The same source IP command is also valid for Syslog, Radius, NTP, TFTP, etc.

The command is available in global view. The syntax is: ip source-interface ...

For e.g.,
PROCURVE(config)# ip source-interface ?
 radius       RADIUS protocol.
 sntp         SNTP protocol.
 syslog       SYSLOG protocol.
 tacacs       TACACS+ protocol.
 telnet       TELNET protocol.
 tftp         TFTP protocol.
 sflow        SFLOW protocol.
 all          All listed above protocols.

PROCURVE(config)# ip source-interface tacacs ?
 IP-ADDR      Specify the IP address.
 loopback     Specify the loopback interface.
 vlan         Specify the VLAN interface.

H3C routers' Traceroute timeout issue

When it comes to traceroute, H3C routers behave like firewalls. i.e., They will NOT respond to the traceroute, and hence there will be an output of 3 stars (*) followed by Request timed out for hop of H3C router. Although, while troubleshooting, it becomes quite necessary to have all the hops displayed in front of you.
To enable this feature where you will be able to get the output in traceroute for H3C routers, just issue this one command in H3C router (in system-view):
[Router-name] ip ttl-expires enable
Check out the results below for traceroute before and after executing the above command on the third hop (which is H3C router).

Another Networking blog for knowledge sharing

My cousin, Muddasir Solkar (CCIE #22174) who is currently working in a leading ISP had started his own blog at

It is awesome that he will be sharing his vast knowledge and experience related to Networking with us.
Thanx Muddu.

H3C repeatedly login pages

If for some reason, you are unable to do any changes on H3C devices using web interface (and cli (telnet/ssh) are working fine), and getting login page again and again while trying to configure something, all you have to do is to clear your browsing history, and delete all temporary files.

No compatible drives for CD Burner

In case you get the message "No Compatible Drives" in place of your CD/DVD drive in a burning software (for eg. CDBurnerXP) as shown above, all you have to do is to install (latest) drivers for your CD/DVD drive controller (Just look for the word "AHCI" or "SATA" in driver's name). Make sure you download drivers for your machine from the vendor's website only. Also make sure that the OS is selected properly, including the 32/64 bits. This will make sure that your drivers are correct and latest.

And then... VoilĂ !!!

DHCP server on HP ProCurve

Today while working on migration from Cisco network to HP network for one of our customer, I found a shocking thing in HP Networking. HP ProCurve switches (including 8200 and 5400, which are similar to Cisco's 6500 and 4500 respectively) CANNOT be configured as DHCP server. They can just be configured as DHCP relay agent (ip helper-address command).
This is more shocking since even H3C's (acquired by HP) smallest router (MSR 900) can be configured as DHCP server, and I guess I don't even need to start on Cisco.
Cisco 1 : HP 0

IPS | AV | Application Control missing from H3C SecPath UTM

If you cannot start H3C Secpath UTM in "UTM mode", or, the option in left navigation tree called IPS | AV | Application Control is missing, or, you cannot register the licenses, all you need is to put a CF card in your H3C Secpath.

FYI, without the CF card, your dashboard of H3C SecPath will look like the image below (click to enlarge).

And with CF card plugged in, your dashboard of H3C SecPath UTM will look like the picture below (click to enlarge).

Show tech command in H3C

Normally we use "show tech" (show tech-support) command to gather ALL the information from a switch or a router. This applies to all Cisco networking devices as well as HP Procurve switches (I don't know about other vendors).
The show tech command in H3C is display diagnostic-information. It does exactly the same thing as show tech, except that it will ask you if you want to save the output in a file [(inside flash), so that you can copy it using tftp], or display it on screen (as usual).

How to get shortcodes (plugs) for zeebizzcard theme working

I recently ran into problem with zeebizzcard theme for WordPress, where I was unable to enter the shortcode for "plugs", which displays Personal Details in very nice way. I posted the issue to themezee (creator of zeebizzcard theme) on facebook and even on wordpress support. I got no answer from them or from any other. The theme is so good that I did not wanted to move to other theme. But if your home page is not as you wish, you might get the feeling to move to some other theme completely. With no support from anywhere, I decided to dig the code of the theme (though I am no programmer). Within couple of days, I got the solution.
Note: The solution on this page for shortcodes on ZeeBizzCard will work only with writing very little amount of code (text), for which explanation is given below, and is not implied to make the buttons work.

To get the Personal Details  on a page when the shortcode on the WordPress editor (buttons) is not working, first make sure you have filled …

What is /dev/cciss/c0d0p1

Recently I ran into issue to find out what is /dev/cciss/c0d0pX. Unfortunately, there was no direct and simple answer from the great Google.
This thing you can find in Linux OS where your partitions are mounted on  for eg. /dev/cciss/c0d0p2 instead on regular /dev/hdaX or /dev/sdaX. These are kind of "virtual disks" (/dev/cciss/c0d0) and are NOT regular hard disks (unlike /dev/hda or /dev/sda). Actually, these are RAID device configured from the BIOS or SmartStart CD before installing the OS. 
When you will try to install the Linux OS over such RAID configured from BIOS level, your OS will detect them as "/dev/cciss/c0d0" disks instead of regular "/dev/hda" or "/dev/sda". Although you can use them as your normal drives and create partitions, which will be called as “/dev/cciss/c0d0p1”, “/dev/cciss/c0d0p2”, etc, whereas your normal drives would have looked like “/dev/hda1”, “/dev/hda2”, etc or “/dev/sda1”, “/dev/sda2”, etc. You CAN use these par…

Panasonic UF-8100 Incomplete info. code = 714

Recently we had an issue with Panasonic UF-8100 printer. After a particular interval, it was giving continuous beeps and displaying error as  "Incomplete info. code = 714". We even downloaded the manual for this printer, but nothing helpful was given about this error. Google was helpful only for some other error code number for this printer model. After troubleshooting, we found that the network cable for the printer was disconnected from the switch. Once connected, everything was back to normal...

Personal Website

My personal website goes live at:

Microsoft Misconceptions

Many people have misconception that the IP address in the range of 169.254.x.x is called as Microsoft IP address. This term is usually coined by non-technical people. The IP address in this range is actually called as "Link Local IP Address" ( Your machine (weather Windows or Linux or Mac or ANY other OS) will get an IP address in this range if it is unable to get an IP address from DHCP server and there is no static IP configured on it. This range is reserved and is not given on Public network (similar to private IP address like, and
Similarly, the password P@ssw0rd is called as Microsoft password by many noobs. Microsoft had never claimed that this password belongs to them in any fashion. This password just provides the requirements of a general "complex password". i.e., mixture of CAPITAL letter, small letter, number, symbol and minimum of 8 characters.

Old Computers

Recently I came across a wonderful site for really really old computers. You should have a look at it.
And a cherry on top of all this, don't miss to see the "Ads" for those computer.

Old computers here.

Ads here (spread in multiple pages).

An old man once said

An old man recently told me:

When a poor man tries to be with rich men is like: A cat trying to walk with cows/camels; Either the cat will get crushed or soon it will be under a pile of big sh*t.

7z changing default program issue

Recently I had problem with 7z File Manager (I don't exactly remember the issue), so I was playing around it. I messed it up and so I had to reinstall. I found a big version upgrade (I was using 2.x while the new was 9.x).
Now after uninstalling old version and installing the latest version, I didn't restarted the window$, so I had to associate the .zip and .rar files manually with the 7z program to open the files. I selected to "open with" and browsed to the path of the 7z program and made default program "7z.exe". This is where the issue started. There are 3 exe files in the installation path of 7z, viz;  - 7z.exe  - 7zFM.exe  - 7zG.exe
7z.exe is actually the program for command line (cmd). 7zFM.exe is the 7z-File-Manager for GUI. And I never tried to find out what 7zG.exe is for.
Now I wanted to change the default program for .zip and .rar to 7zFM.exe instead of 7z.exe. Window$ didn't let me do that. Everytime I try to change, it would revert back…

Connecting console port using tab


This time my question was unanswered by Google. May be the thing I am looking for does not exist (till date).
Since the world of computing is changing so fast, PCs being replaced by laptops, and now laptops being replaced by tabs, etc. I wanted to know if I can connect a tab(ipad/Galaxy tab or any other android tab ) to console port of a switch/router.
Although there are apps like PuTTy in App Store and Android Market, and I know there are USB ports on tabs and there are Serial-to-USB converters available in market. But are there any drivers available for those converters designed for any tabs? In short, can I connect to switch/router's console port using tabs?

Count cells based on color

I had made an Excel Sheet, and I had colored the cells for status. Like Red=Bad, Green=Good, Yellow=ToBeConfirmed, etc.

Now after spending long time, I wanted to count number of cells based on color. I googled a lot, and there was no single function to do this based on color. If I had used some text instead of color, life would have been much easier. Anyways, there is a small workaround to do this. As Excel does NOT have any native way of doing this, we must create our own custom function to do it.

We will first define our custom function. Press ALT+F11 to open vb editor, right-click "This Workbook" and "Insert" --> "Module" and paste the code below in there (no changes needed).

Function FNcountcolor(myrange As Range, colour As Range) As Long
Dim n as Range
For Each n In myrange
    If n.Interior.ColorIndex = colour.Interior.ColorIndex Then
        FNcountcolor = FNcountcolor + 1
    End If
End Function

Close VB editor.

Now, use the…

Welcome to CrackedTech


Here I would be posting computer technology related things, which while configuring I faced some or many issues, and had to google many things to get the stuff working...
May be this can save somebody's time and efforts.