7z changing default program issue

Recently I had problem with 7z File Manager (I don't exactly remember the issue), so I was playing around it. I messed it up and so I had to reinstall. I found a big version upgrade (I was using 2.x while the new was 9.x).

Now after uninstalling old version and installing the latest version, I didn't restarted the window$, so I had to associate the .zip and .rar files manually with the 7z program to open the files. I selected to "open with" and browsed to the path of the 7z program and made default program "7z.exe". This is where the issue started.
There are 3 exe files in the installation path of 7z, viz;
 - 7z.exe
 - 7zFM.exe
 - 7zG.exe

7z.exe is actually the program for command line (cmd).
7zFM.exe is the 7z-File-Manager for GUI.
And I never tried to find out what 7zG.exe is for.

Now I wanted to change the default program for .zip and .rar to 7zFM.exe instead of 7z.exe. Window$ didn't let me do that. Everytime I try to change, it would revert back to 7z.exe. I tried changing registeries as found in google, but no avail... So I was unable to open the zip files (using GUI).
Not sure if it was 7z program's issue or Window$' issue.

Finally, to make things work for me, I renamed 7z.exe to 7zcmd.exe and copied 7zFM.exe to 7z.exe. And now everything is working like charm...


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