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HP ProCurve VRRP with different Physical and Virtual IP address

In case you are having HP ProCurve Core Switches, and need to configure redundancy on it, you need to configure VRRP to achieve it. I will assume you have the knowledge of HSRP for this post.
Somehow, HP ProCurve switches does not support a separate Virtual IP address than the Physical IP address for VRRP. Although, many other vendors do support it (Virtual IP being different than the Physical IP addresses (in the same network)). HP ProCurve requires that the Virtual IP address to be the same as the Master's Physical IP address. I am not sure why they want us to enforce the Virtual IP address being the same as Master's Physical IP address, since this creates issues, especially in Monitoring software. For e.g., you want to monitor both Cores by their IP address. Since they are running VRRP, and if master fails, the Master's IP address will still show as "UP", since the virtual IP (which is same as Master's Physical IP address) has shifted to the Backup/Secondar…