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Another Networking blog for knowledge sharing

My cousin, Muddasir Solkar (CCIE #22174) who is currently working in a leading ISP had started his own blog at

It is awesome that he will be sharing his vast knowledge and experience related to Networking with us.
Thanx Muddu.

H3C repeatedly login pages

If for some reason, you are unable to do any changes on H3C devices using web interface (and cli (telnet/ssh) are working fine), and getting login page again and again while trying to configure something, all you have to do is to clear your browsing history, and delete all temporary files.

No compatible drives for CD Burner

In case you get the message "No Compatible Drives" in place of your CD/DVD drive in a burning software (for eg. CDBurnerXP) as shown above, all you have to do is to install (latest) drivers for your CD/DVD drive controller (Just look for the word "AHCI" or "SATA" in driver's name). Make sure you download drivers for your machine from the vendor's website only. Also make sure that the OS is selected properly, including the 32/64 bits. This will make sure that your drivers are correct and latest.

And then... VoilĂ !!!

DHCP server on HP ProCurve

Today while working on migration from Cisco network to HP network for one of our customer, I found a shocking thing in HP Networking. HP ProCurve switches (including 8200 and 5400, which are similar to Cisco's 6500 and 4500 respectively) CANNOT be configured as DHCP server. They can just be configured as DHCP relay agent (ip helper-address command).
This is more shocking since even H3C's (acquired by HP) smallest router (MSR 900) can be configured as DHCP server, and I guess I don't even need to start on Cisco.
Cisco 1 : HP 0