DHCP server on HP ProCurve

Today while working on migration from Cisco network to HP network for one of our customer, I found a shocking thing in HP Networking. HP ProCurve switches (including 8200 and 5400, which are similar to Cisco's 6500 and 4500 respectively) CANNOT be configured as DHCP server. They can just be configured as DHCP relay agent (ip helper-address command).

This is more shocking since even H3C's (acquired by HP) smallest router (MSR 900) can be configured as DHCP server, and I guess I don't even need to start on Cisco.

Cisco 1 : HP 0


  1. as u know that we have HP 8206 zl in my co. so in that core switch we will not be able to configure dhcp.??

    1. No. You cannot configure your HP 8206zl as your DHCP server (with pools, bindings and stuff) as we can do with Cisco 4500/6500. Although we can configure it as DHCP relay agent as we have already configured on it. (With ip helper-address command).

  2. You do realize that ProCurve and H3C (previously 3Com) are separate divisions, and were previously competitors until the acquisition, right? Acquiring 3Com placed no burdens or expectations that the two technologies would merge functionalities.

    1. Yes, I know that ProCurve and H3C are separate division. But the point of this post is that ProCurve is now giving very tough competition to Cisco, and yet it is lacking in some basic features.
      This post is directed to the people who will try to configure DHCP server on HP ProCurve and looking for help on Internet on how to configure it.

  3. Hello all,

    just a quick update: Since release K.15.16.0005 it is possible to run DHCP service on a HP switch. See release notes for details: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04516171

    Cisco 1 HP 1 :-)

    Best Regards,


  4. This situation is now rectified.
    Upgrade your 8200/5400 firmware for DHCP server functionality.


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