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Old Computers

Recently I came across a wonderful site for really really old computers. You should have a look at it.
And a cherry on top of all this, don't miss to see the "Ads" for those computer.

Old computers here.

Ads here (spread in multiple pages).

An old man once said

An old man recently told me:

When a poor man tries to be with rich men is like: A cat trying to walk with cows/camels; Either the cat will get crushed or soon it will be under a pile of big sh*t.

7z changing default program issue

Recently I had problem with 7z File Manager (I don't exactly remember the issue), so I was playing around it. I messed it up and so I had to reinstall. I found a big version upgrade (I was using 2.x while the new was 9.x).
Now after uninstalling old version and installing the latest version, I didn't restarted the window$, so I had to associate the .zip and .rar files manually with the 7z program to open the files. I selected to "open with" and browsed to the path of the 7z program and made default program "7z.exe". This is where the issue started. There are 3 exe files in the installation path of 7z, viz;  - 7z.exe  - 7zFM.exe  - 7zG.exe
7z.exe is actually the program for command line (cmd). 7zFM.exe is the 7z-File-Manager for GUI. And I never tried to find out what 7zG.exe is for.
Now I wanted to change the default program for .zip and .rar to 7zFM.exe instead of 7z.exe. Window$ didn't let me do that. Everytime I try to change, it would revert back…