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Connecting console port using tab


This time my question was unanswered by Google. May be the thing I am looking for does not exist (till date).
Since the world of computing is changing so fast, PCs being replaced by laptops, and now laptops being replaced by tabs, etc. I wanted to know if I can connect a tab(ipad/Galaxy tab or any other android tab ) to console port of a switch/router.
Although there are apps like PuTTy in App Store and Android Market, and I know there are USB ports on tabs and there are Serial-to-USB converters available in market. But are there any drivers available for those converters designed for any tabs? In short, can I connect to switch/router's console port using tabs?

Count cells based on color

I had made an Excel Sheet, and I had colored the cells for status. Like Red=Bad, Green=Good, Yellow=ToBeConfirmed, etc.

Now after spending long time, I wanted to count number of cells based on color. I googled a lot, and there was no single function to do this based on color. If I had used some text instead of color, life would have been much easier. Anyways, there is a small workaround to do this. As Excel does NOT have any native way of doing this, we must create our own custom function to do it.

We will first define our custom function. Press ALT+F11 to open vb editor, right-click "This Workbook" and "Insert" --> "Module" and paste the code below in there (no changes needed).

Function FNcountcolor(myrange As Range, colour As Range) As Long
Dim n as Range
For Each n In myrange
    If n.Interior.ColorIndex = colour.Interior.ColorIndex Then
        FNcountcolor = FNcountcolor + 1
    End If
End Function

Close VB editor.

Now, use the…

Welcome to CrackedTech


Here I would be posting computer technology related things, which while configuring I faced some or many issues, and had to google many things to get the stuff working...
May be this can save somebody's time and efforts.