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Natting in HP ProCurve switches

In case you are thinking to configure NAT in HP ProCurve switches, forget about it. NAT is NOT supported in ProCurve switches.

H3C OSPF passive interface

The "passive-interface" in Cisco for OSPF is renamed as "silent-interface" in H3C. The syntax and purpose is exactly the same. (Example is shown below).

# Stops the interface from sending OSPF packets.
<hostname> system-view [hostname] ospf 1 [hostname-ospf-1] silent-interface Gigabitethernet 0/1

Assign IP address to interface of ProCurve switch

If you want to give IP address to an interface of ProCurve switch, its simply not possible. What you can do is to create a vlan, assign an IP address to that vlan, and then assign the interface as untagged member (access port) for that new vlan.

Source IP for Telnet and AAA with ProCurve switches

There is an option for Source IP for Telent and AAA in HP ProCurve devices. The same source IP command is also valid for Syslog, Radius, NTP, TFTP, etc.

The command is available in global view. The syntax is: ip source-interface ...

For e.g.,
PROCURVE(config)# ip source-interface ?
 radius       RADIUS protocol.
 sntp         SNTP protocol.
 syslog       SYSLOG protocol.
 tacacs       TACACS+ protocol.
 telnet       TELNET protocol.
 tftp         TFTP protocol.
 sflow        SFLOW protocol.
 all          All listed above protocols.

PROCURVE(config)# ip source-interface tacacs ?
 IP-ADDR      Specify the IP address.
 loopback     Specify the loopback interface.
 vlan         Specify the VLAN interface.