Source IP for Telnet and AAA with ProCurve switches

There is an option for Source IP for Telent and AAA in HP ProCurve devices. The same source IP command is also valid for Syslog, Radius, NTP, TFTP, etc.

The command is available in global view. The syntax is: ip source-interface ...

For e.g.,
PROCURVE(config)# ip source-interface ?
 radius       RADIUS protocol.
 sntp         SNTP protocol.
 syslog       SYSLOG protocol.
 tacacs       TACACS+ protocol.
 telnet       TELNET protocol.
 tftp         TFTP protocol.
 sflow        SFLOW protocol.
 all          All listed above protocols.

PROCURVE(config)# ip source-interface tacacs ?
 IP-ADDR      Specify the IP address.
 loopback     Specify the loopback interface.
 vlan         Specify the VLAN interface.


  1. Thanx.

    Source interface for Tacacs or others in HP swtiches should be under their own categories... This is confusing part by HP. :(


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