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Panasonic UF-8100 Incomplete info. code = 714

Recently we had an issue with Panasonic UF-8100 printer. After a particular interval, it was giving continuous beeps and displaying error as  "Incomplete info. code = 714". We even downloaded the manual for this printer, but nothing helpful was given about this error. Google was helpful only for some other error code number for this printer model. After troubleshooting, we found that the network cable for the printer was disconnected from the switch. Once connected, everything was back to normal...

Personal Website

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Microsoft Misconceptions

Many people have misconception that the IP address in the range of 169.254.x.x is called as Microsoft IP address. This term is usually coined by non-technical people. The IP address in this range is actually called as "Link Local IP Address" ( Your machine (weather Windows or Linux or Mac or ANY other OS) will get an IP address in this range if it is unable to get an IP address from DHCP server and there is no static IP configured on it. This range is reserved and is not given on Public network (similar to private IP address like, and
Similarly, the password P@ssw0rd is called as Microsoft password by many noobs. Microsoft had never claimed that this password belongs to them in any fashion. This password just provides the requirements of a general "complex password". i.e., mixture of CAPITAL letter, small letter, number, symbol and minimum of 8 characters.