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Solved: Multiple Domains with WordPress on One Server

WordPress has a feature called MultiSite, which is often confused for “multiple websites (domains)”, but is in fact “multiple sub-domains”. Although many people look forward to have multiple websites (with different domains) with wordpress to install on single server, but there is no simple solution from WordPress yet.
This post will help you in configuring multiple domains using wordpress on single server. We will be using Linux server (Ubuntu) with Apache 2.2 and wordpress 3.5.1 for our example. You can use the same idea for different OS and IIS (or other web server).

NOTE:Backup your wordpress directory, wordpress database and web server files and directories before continuing with the steps mentioned below.

After installation, wordpress uses all its files (mostly php) for single domain. So we will need to have multiple wordpress installation, each per domain (website). Installation of wordpress in Linux is just downloading the latest.tar.gz file from and extracting …