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My new blog

A new blog/website for "Helping Hands Kuwait" for Morba, Dahiwali and Kond is launched at on 9th Feb 2013.


I have created a dedicated page to provide link for Search Engine's spider to find new websites/blogs. If you are interested in having your website/blog available in Google (or other search engines), then let me know. I shall add your website/blog in the Spider page.

Max areas per OSPF process

Ever wondered how many OSPF areas are supported in single OSPF process?
I am not sure about Cisco, although it seems this is neither documented in H3C or in Cisco documents. I had to learn it through the hard way, and it seems the H3C routers supports only 50 areas per OSPF process (confirmed on MSR 30-40). Once you have 50 areas in a process, and you try to create 51st area, you shall encounter the error:
"warning: ospf 1 maximum limit reached"
The OSPF that I encountered this error was having following details:

<ROUTER>display ospf br

         OSPF Process 1 with Router ID
                 OSPF Protocol Information

 RouterID:     Router Type:  ABR  ASBR  NSSA
 Route Tag: 0
 Multi-VPN-Instance is not enabled
 Applications Supported: MPLS Traffic-Engineering
 SPF-schedule-interval: 5
 LSA generation interval: 5
 LSA arrival interval: 1000
 Transmit pacing: Interval: 20 Count: 3
 Default ASE parameters: Metric: 1 Tag: 1 Type: 2
 Route Preference: 10
 ASE Rou…