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3Com switches Password Recovery procedure

Use the password recovery method outlined below to define a new password for the admin username:  (This method works for most of the 3-Com switches)
1. Access the Command Line Interface and enter the user name "recover" and password "recover" to place your unit in password recovery mode. The unit will remain in password recovery mode for a maximum of 30 seconds, before it returns to the CLI login prompt. 
2. During these 30 seconds, perform a hard reboot on the unit while it is still in password recovery mode by turning it off, waiting for a few seconds, and then switching it on again. 
3. When the unit has rebooted following the hard reboot enter a new password for the "admin" user account. 
4. Enter enable to leave password recovery enabled (to enable recovery of the password next time if you forget), or enter disable to turn it off (not recommended). You are now logged in as the default "admin" user. 

H3C SecPath UTM failover stuck in Independence state

In case you are configuring H3C SecPath UTM for stateful failover, and the state is stuck in "Independence" state, then make sure your backup link is configured properly  (it should NOT show in "Device Management > Interface"). 
Although this is not documented by H3C, running different firmware versions on both the H3C SecPath UTMs will also cause them to remain in "Independence" state and the "Synchronized" state will never be reached.