IMC 5: Error occurred when accessing the MIB on device

This error can be viewed in IMC when the software is not able to get any data using SNMP. This error does NOT mean that your SNMP credentials are wrong. It simply means that server is not able to receive any data using SNMP. Things you can check are:

  1. Can you ping the device from server
  2. If you can ping, then verify your SNMP credentials. Recheck again.
  3. You can use an awesome tool called “SNMP Tester” by Paessler from here. Use this tool to check if you can communicate using SNMP from your server to the device. (To keep it simple, use “Read Device Uptime” under “Select Request Type” in SNMP Tester and put your credentials).
  4. If you get an Error message while testing using SNMP Tester, it should give you good idea where you are going wrong.
  5. If you get error “Value: No response (check: firewalls, routing, snmp settings of device, IPs, SNMP version, community, passwords etc) (SNMP error # -2003)” then 
a.       Check the firewall rules, in case if you have a firewall in the path
b.     You are possible getting a reply from different interface of the device than the one on which you are sending the request. (You can verify this using Wireshark).

In this case, make sure that the device will send the SNMP packets from a dedicated interface only.

In case you have HP E-series switch (like 8200 or 5400), you can issue command: 

core-swtich# snmp-server response-source <source-ip>


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