How to get shortcodes (plugs) for zeebizzcard theme working

I recently ran into problem with zeebizzcard theme for WordPress, where I was unable to enter the shortcode for "plugs", which displays Personal Details in very nice way. I posted the issue to themezee (creator of zeebizzcard theme) on facebook and even on wordpress support. I got no answer from them or from any other.
The theme is so good that I did not wanted to move to other theme. But if your home page is not as you wish, you might get the feeling to move to some other theme completely. With no support from anywhere, I decided to dig the code of the theme (though I am no programmer). Within couple of days, I got the solution.

Note: The solution on this page for shortcodes on ZeeBizzCard will work only with writing very little amount of code (text), for which explanation is given below, and is not implied to make the buttons work.
To get the Personal Details  on a page when the shortcode on the WordPress editor (buttons) is not working, first make sure you have filled your details you want to display in Appearance --> Theme Options --> About Me. Then edit the page, and type the code (as shown in pic below) with square brackets (in red) accordingly.

About / Personal Details : [cardAbout]

Networks Buttons (not shown in the pic below) : [cardNetworks] 

Thats it. Update the page and see it yourself.

Themezee's zeebizzcard theme with Personal Details


The shortcodes for Resume and Skills are:

Resume : [cardResume]

Skills : [cardSkill]

But somehow, I am not able to get "Resume" and "Skills" shortcodes work as they should. It seems there is issue with the code, and it is not updating the database for the entries of these shortcodes. The shortcodes are coming on the page, but without any data. You can give it a try on test page to get an idea of what I am talking about.


Seems there is a full solution for shortcodes for Resume and Skills. Thank You for the update,  Courtney. To get the shortcodes for Resume and Skills to work, its not straight forward. You have to do a little extra effort to get those gorgeous looks on your website.

As already mentioned, the buttons for shortcodes in the theme might not be useful (until the developer updates the theme). By that time, the code given above in red will do the job. The syntax to use these codes for Resume and Skills is very similar to HTML.

Check the screenshots for the examples of shortcodes for Resume and Skills. (Click to Enlarge).

 Resume shortcode with its syntax. Make sure to use "jobtitle", "company" and "date" fields with their corresponding values in this shortcode.

  Resume Skills with its syntax. Make sure to use "title" and "skill" (with number from 1-5 in words) fields in this shortcode.

The output of the codes for Resume and Skilll is displayed above.


  1. This does not fix the "Skills" shortcode... you use this and click "Insert" and nothing happens. Any ideas?

  2. Nothing is working if we click "Insert". And the creator of the theme is not responding.
    We have to manually put the code as mentioned above.

    I have not tried it for Resume and Skills. Give me some time... I shall try to figure it out.

  3. Both can be done manually. Here's a link that includes the shortcode for each section. Hope it helps!

    1. Yes!!! Thanks for the link! I finally got my page to look right. Thanks for sharing the link!

    2. Thanx for the update. That was really helpful..

  4. Thank you!! I thought I was doing something wrong...spent my whole day trying to figure it out. I'm so glad you figured it out, thanks for posting!

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  7. Hello,

    Recently I wanted to setup my homepage with this theme and run into the same issue. With your tips I find out, that generally this theme works, but there is small glitch in GUI (Visual Editor).

    I thought I could fixed that, because I had been a webdeveloper. And I have made it.

    In my situation appropriate files weren't load because of missing domain in the URL (http://wp-includes/...)
    The simplest way to fix that is to edit three file:
    and in every file change the line 5:
    $remove = count($zeeUrl)-9;
    $remove = count($zeeUrl)-8;

    Tested on:
    WordPress v. 3.4.1 with subdomain multisite
    zeebizzcard v. 1.1

  8. Hello,

    I'm the author of zeeBizzCard.

    First of all, I'm sorry I haven't answered any support questions. My themes are downloaded several thousand times per month and I get several support requests every day. I really can't do it, there are too many ;) Actually I don't read them anymore.

    But I should have read them ;) So I didn't noticed this bug for a long time.. luckily I came across this page, thanks for reporting it here.

    I will try to fix this bug as soon as possible and release a theme update. Furthermore I will provide a bug report formular soon at I'm also working currently at a new support forum (paid, not free), which I launch end of september.

    So I hope such bugs don't happen again ;)

    Kind Regards,
    Thomas[ThemeZee] from Germany

    1. Hiiiii...
      First of all I am sorry for delaying so much to reply. (I m on vacation in another country).

      To begin with, I would like to thank you for making such an awesomeeee theme. B'coz your theme was so nice, I bothered to dig the code and put the solution on my blog.
      But a lot of people would appriciate if the theme (shortcodes) would work as thought.
      And finally, I would like to thank You for taking out your precious time to post your thoughts on my blog....

  9. THANK YOU Adil :)

  10. Dude! Did you use my blog's zeeBizCard look and feel at to inspire yours? O.O

    I notice we have the same menu links and down to the contactme form on the contact page. Well, two can play this game. Any cool plugin in the viewsource will be up for grabs >:)

  11. Your articles don’t beat around the bushes exact t to the point. best wordpress themes


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