HP Procurve 8200/5400 usb device

HP Procurve 8200 and 5400 modular switches have a USB port which can be used to upgrade the firmware without the need of TFTP or XMODEM (in case you erased both images from both flash (primary and secondary), which takes very long time (up to 3-4 hours)). You can put your new firmware in USB, plug it in the USB port of Switch and copy it into flash of the switch.

HP-8212zl# copy usb flash K_15_10_0009.swi primary

In case you are getting error like "Error accessing USB device", then you can check the solution below:

Try accessing the usb device by issuing "dir" command from the priviledge mode:

HP-8212zl# dir
Error accessing USB device

The most common cause of this issue is that the USB device that we use is formatted as Fat 32. The Procurve devices are still not able to read the FAT 32 file systems and hence, the switch will not be able to access anything in that USB device. To make the USB device work in the switch, you need to format the USB device as FAT 16 (Quick Format will do).

Now copy your firmware in this newly formatted USB drive and plug it into the switch. It must work and you should get output similar to as shown below:

HP-8212zl# dir

Listing Directory /ufa0:
-r-xr-xr-x   1   15238131 Feb 08 13:16 K_15_10_0009.swi


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