Are you SAFE on Internet?

Now a days visiting on Internet is not as safe as it used to be. There are plenty of software that we use, and with those comes a lot of vulnerabilities. There are websites waiting for our ONE CLICK to begin the damage. Unless the software are continuously being updated, the vulnerabilities can be targeted and damage can be done to our computers. (And that’s why you should always update that Adobe every time you get a popup after restart).

To get in details, the hackers try to launch the addon in our browser, and if the addon (or the browser, or Windows itself) is old enough, they can exploit any old vulnerabilities and can even access your computer remotely. Your antivirus will not always work if the vulnerabilities in the applications are being exploited. The simple way to be safe on Internet (apart from having Antivirus and Firewall), is to have ALL the updates for all software (and Window$) installed.

One good thing is that your Window$ will inform you once the updates for the OS are available. And then there are few software which will inform you about the updates. But not all. Here is an easy and FREE way to check if you are safe to go on Internet or not.

There are three types of scan available on this website:

1. BASIC SCAN - Just your current browser and its addons;
2. INTERMEDIATE SCAN - All browsers, their addons and the OS settings (Antivirus, Firewalls, and Windows Service Packs);
3. ADVANCE SCAN - All browsers, their addons, the OS settings and Missing Windows Updates.

Take a look and do all sorts of scans. This website also gives suggestion and gives the link from where you can download the updates. And most importantly, IT's FREE...


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